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Neurosurgeon and spine Neurosurgeon's involvement in the treatment of the spinal problems.People are commonly confused about deciding as to whom they should consult for their spine problems. The confusion occurs because of two reasons 1. the word “Neurosurgery” does not have the word ‘spine’ in it. 2. people have misconception that the spine problems are only to do with the bones. Actually, they are more to do with nerves and spinal cord and to some extent-bones. Therefore, the answer, in my opinion, is rather simple and is as follows- ‘They should go to the superspecialist who can treat all the elements of spine- starting from the spinal cord to the bones of spine.’ Spine is a complex organ starting form the cranio-vertebral junction up to the coccyx. It houses one of the most delicate ‘Electrical Cable’- the spinal cord and the nerve roots. It is the direct continuation of brain and is in constant feedback mode with it. Diseases of the spine & spinal cord are innumerable & require specialized neurosurgical techniques to preserve the neural functions. Handling of the nervous tissues requires neurosurgical training & expertise. Neurosurgeons are amongst the best doctors who have undergone long years of training and are amply qualified to treat compressions on the nerve & spinal cord, remove intra-medullary & intradural tumours without damaging the cord or the roots, to treat cervical, thoracic & lumbar spondylosis, to treat the disc herniation with minimally invasive & effective method, to treat injuries to the spine, to perform complex spinal instrumental fixation and to perform procedures like vertebroplasty etc.

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